About David Epstein

Cape Town born and bred currently Johannesburg based, David finds inspiration in the natural anxiety of living in today’s world without being sucked into the cycle of angst.

He has an uncanny ability to constantly capture a moment-in-time.  David’s work gently seduces the soul of his subject matter.  Not a single genre specialist, David finds beauty in the story of the image, however it is his landscape work that is the most poignant.

Black and White has been his traditional medium of choice for both film and digital, in recent years a hint of muted colour with  occasions of pure digital creation adds a different perspective to an already accomplished body of work spanning nearly 20 years.

His collection of work weaves an intricate path from haunting portraits to pure unashamedly digital manipulated imagery. 

In his own words:

I am an intuitive “shooter”.  I see something that appeals to me and I take the shot.  There is no constructed meaning at that point, rather the creative process happens after the fact.  If there is a message in my work, it emanates from a non-contrived state of being   —   the image speaks for itself.

I like to experiment with different combinations of photographic   media—the old in the form of silver halide and the new which is of course digital.  I print all my own images, a throwback to the days in the darkroom.  It gives me a measure of control of the final piece, the same control perhaps I have when I capture the image.  I experiment with different ink/paper combinations, the result is that no two images are exactly the same.  There will be variances, in texture, shadow and light resulting in an always unique print.  

My hope is that for my work creates a personal message to the  viewer.  It is not my place to tell the audience what they need to see, but they need to feel what they see.  I am but the messenger.”

David Epstein

Johannesburg 2014

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